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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń


"Creativity represents a miraculous coming together of the uninhibited energy of the child with it apparent opposite and enemy, the sense of order imposed on the disciplined adult intelligence." 
Norman Podhoretz

Rusałki - procesMy jewelry, on one hand, is an idea, which appears suddenly, or blossoms in time, fed with my impressions, experience or thoughts. On the other hand, it’s about working with hard matter – metal, stone and fire. Only the fusion of fleeting thoughts and often hard, physical work can result with the final product, which locks my initial idea in a durable form. 


My jewelry is made entirely from precious metals and natural stones. Occasionally, I use materials such as bronze, copper, enamel, polymer clays or wood, but working with minerals brings me the most joy. Semiprecious, precious and decorative stones have been my passion for a very long time. I collect stones in their natural forms of crystals, dripstones and clusters. For my jewelry I use stones polished into various forms, choosing what will fit the design best.

I work with metals using both traditional jewelry making techniques and modern solutions, such as my favorite metal clay. Each type of metal clay consists of micronized particles of metal (silver, gold, bronze or copper), water and an organic binder (e.g. celulose). The resulting substance is similar to plasticine and can be modeled. Then, the formed item is dried and the water evaporates. The next stage is firing the item in a temperature slightly below the melting point of the metal. This process removes the organic binder, and the only element left are the metal particles, which bind permanently thanks to the force of adhesion. The project shrinks a bit, but keeps its original shape. This way, ‘clay’ turns to purest silver ( fine silver 999) or 22 carat gold, and can be hallmarked according to the Polish hallmarking laws. Pure alchemy :-).


You can find some more information about how I work here:
- about my sketches and their role in my designs ("Backstory: Anna Mazon's Drawings")
- on my private blog

One of a Kind and Evergreen Collection

Jewellery you can find on my website is divided in two big sections - One of a kind and Evergreen Collection.

One of a Kind pieces are made only in one copy. They are completely unique, created totally by hand out of silver or bronze, using metal clay or traditional metalsmithing techniques. In case of custom orders I can only make a piece that resembles my previous designs - it will never look the same. Making One of a Kind pieces usually takes many days, weeks, sometimes even months. Choosing One of a Kind means choosing a piece of jewellery that will always be the only one in the world. There are no moulds involved - only my hands, simple tools, imagination and hard work.

Each model from my Evergreen Collection is carefully designed, carved and sculpted totally by hand, and then casted in silver, gold or bronze using lost wax casting technique. All pieces are hand finished and all stone settings are made individually. This way every piece of jewellery leaving my studio gets its own character. In case of these pieces I can repeat a design. This makes it possible to offer to my Clients pieces which are available all the time and still convey the unique vibe and style of my designs.
Pieces from my Evergreen Collection can be also made in gold which is especially important in case of rings. Pieces with stones are customizable.