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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń


Designing beautiful objects is not my only passion. I also love teaching. There is a spark of artistic potential within each of us, which is worth discovering and developing. Creating handmade jewelry allows us to embellish ourselves not only on the outside, but as well on the inside. It allows our creativity to flourish and helps us to develop an ability to transform dreams into hard matter. It's also an opportunity to get away from busy everyday life and enter the realm of imagination, taking real, handmade treasures on the way back.

I offer a few types of workshops:

Themed workshops

Focused on certain projects and techniques. I usually teach this kind of workshops in other Artists' studios in all countries of Europe and in USA. Contact me, if you want me to teach in Your studio, to learn what are my conditions and my teaching fee.
Right now I offer five themed workshops:

- "Twig rings" - one day workshop in silver or bronze

- "Herbarium" pendant - two days workshop in silver

- "Mushroom dreams" pendant - three days workshop in silver

- "Miniature teddy bear" pendant - one day workshop in silver

- "Heart Deco" pendant - two days workshop in silver

- "Night Scene" pendant - one day or two days workshop in silver

Contact me to get pdf files with full descritpion of the workshops and all other information you might need to consider hosting me in your studio.

You can also check my blog for information about upcoming workshops in different countries, or contact me directly .


Individual workshops in my studio in Cracow, Poland

Workshops for one person, with an individual choice of topics, or based on my program. If you are interested, contact me to set the details. The price may vary depending on the program, duration and the materials, but the basic fee is 500 euros per day. One day is 8 h of workshop including a lunch break.
Cracow is a lovely city, and a world-known tourist destination. It's a great idea to spend some time here learning and doing some exciting sightseeing.