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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń

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Unusual, very dynamic, asymmetrical pendant, made of sterling silver, adorned with a beautiful agate and four smaller stones - garnet (2 mm), carnelian (3 mm), amethyst (3 mm) and Baltic amber (6 mm) - very original colour combination and surprising form. Every detail - the butterfly, looking rose, other flowers etc. - was hand formed, without using any moulds. It's real one of a kind. Signed and marked with the year of creation.

Total length of this pendant, including articulated bail adorned with amber, is 6.3 cm (2.48 in). It is very light visually, and super detailed. This piece is oxidized, polished and additionally accentuated with a tiny bit of orange, purple and dusty pink patina, to showcase even better all the details of this little sculpture.

The pendant comes with a strand of small (2.5 mm) garnets with silver chain regulation of the length.
If you have any questions, please ask.

470 USD / 400 EUR

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