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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń

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I am delighted to present „Wings of Summer” as my fifth tutorial. This time I chose a project perfect for advanced metal clay users and those who are looking for a good introduction to working with base metal clays. In this tutorial I work with bronze clay – Goldie Bronze – but the majority of steps before the firing will be the same, no matter what kind of clay you use.
"Wings of Summer" tutorial is a great proposal for those who like truly 3-dimensional, romantic jewellery.
Being quite advanced this tutorial doesn't present basics of working with metal clay (for example checking clay consistency, maintaining clay moisture, drying etc.). This information may be found in "Fingerprint of Love" or "Frozen leaves" tutorials, which I highly recommend for beginners.

Instructions are super detailed with a lot of good quality photos.
Number of steps: 99
File size: 4 MB
Page count: 39

ADDITIONALLY with this tutorial you'll also get a separate file with my updated test of Goldie Bronze clay, showing how to run a proper test of a new clay and what you can learn from it. It also gives you a lot of additonal, valuable information about working with base metal clays.
File size: 1 MB
Page count: 9

What do you need:

• Any brand of bronze metal clay approx. 10 grams (I use Goldie Bronze, you can use whatever you like)
• A piece of polymer clay/plasticine
• Big, round bead (anything between 15-25 mm in diameter will be fine)
• Two brushes – for working wet and dry
• Scalpel (tissue blade) or a needle tool
• Playing cards/graduated slates
• Fine round file with a pointy end (very important), sanding paper
• Metal clay kiln, coconut based activated carbon, firing container (unless you want to work with clay which can be torch fired)
• Brass brush/ scotch brite
• Working surface
• Clay roller
• Round plug (it could be a lipstick plug, toothpaste plug etc. depending on the size of your stone - explained in the tutorial).
• Olive oil/ badger balm
• A thin drill
• Cling film (plastic wrap)
• A piece of silver wire or a ready, long pin
• A bronze/silver jump ring, any kind of a bail (basically things to assemble the pendant when your sculpted cap is ready, so it's up to you).

Tutorial and the bronze clay test is in the PDF format and will be sent to your e-mail address provided by PayPal (if you want me to send the tutorial on different email, let me know) within 24 hours from receiving the payment. To make a payment contact me to ask for my PayPal email.

Material: Bronze
15 USD / 14 EUR

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Wings of Summer