"The Truth Seeker" wins AMCAW's challenge

"The Truth Seeker" wins AMCAW's challenge

My pendant "The Truth Seeker" won first place in Advanced Category of a challenge organized by AMCAW  - Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide. The theme of the challenge was "Journey".

“The Truth Seeker” is a story about the journey to find the Truth – the answer to that unnamed question about the fabric of the Universe, or maybe about who we are, what we do here… Or maybe these are all the same one question we don’t even know how to form in the right way, but we all feel the yearning for the answer.

It’s also a story about getting to the Truth – whatever it is – the two ways – the more intellectual one and the one blooming straight from our heart, leading to the Truth through weird and unexpected meanders of feelings and premonitions. None is better than the other. They might lead to the same Truth. Or maybe nowhere.

I am really grateful to have my craftmanship and the story behind it appreciated again. Thank you!
Below you can see a couple of work-in-progress photos from the process of sculpting this piece.

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