Welcome to my new den of creativity

Welcome to my new den of creativity

Today I want to officially welcome everyone to my new website annamazon.com and say a few words about WHO, WHAT, HOW and WHY...

For quite a few years I've been building my brand of jewellery called Drakonaria, and this has been (and still is!) an amazing adventure. Building a brand though requires cohesive story telling and not everything that a creative soul wants to make, „fits” that story in one way or another. Passing time and experiences gained on the life path also cause changes. Different approach to aesthetics, different creative cravings.

My new project – annamazon.com and social media connected to it - are an answer to my inner need for having a place of total creative freedom, in which I don't design for other people, having marketability of my pieces in mind, their compatibility with my brand's DNA, technical or working time constraints. In the ABOUT section of my new website you'll find this sentence which, I think, explains the whole concept really well – this project is my „little treehouse in the weird garden of reality”.

So – answering the questions:

Who? Me – Anna Mazoń
What? Whatever I feel like making
How? All the pieces you will see here are 100% one of a kind, made completely by hand. No repeating, no orders. In this part of my creative space you will find only unique, collector's quality jewellery objects.
Why? Simply because I want to and I can. I need to experiment, explore, indulge myself in the creative act, insane details and I want to feel freedom, ask questions and process the world through my experiences.

I think I could say I simply gave myself a present. Some people buy insanely expensive bags, paintings or exotic travels and I got myself a new website, and a new creative space. Here you will simply see „just” me.

I want to say huge "thank you" to all the people who made it possible for this website to look exactly how I wanted it to look like. It definitely makes my weird soul happy. 
To Ailinon - for fantasitc graphic design work, listening very carefully to all my remarks and making even those things I didn't know I wanted (and of course I did want them!)
To Sebastian from Webartis - for taking care of the majority of the code.
To Max - for constant technical support and his sense of humour
To my Sebastian - for server and mail related stuff, and most importantly, for daily support, especially during the time of most intensive work on the website. 

See a gallery of selected artwork, created by me over the years, repeatedly published in trade magazines, books and appreciated in competitions.

Visit the Portfolio section

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