Bubble theory of creativity

Bubble theory of creativity


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Silver, Gold
6.5 cm x 3.3 cm


Unique, very personal pendant, hand carved and fabricated by me in fine and sterling silver, adorned with 22 natural stones (2-9 mm) and 11 tiny cubic zirconias (1 mm). The stones are: Baltic ambers in various colours, sunstones, smoky quartz, carnelians, tiger eye, garnets, labradorite, strawberry quartz, golden sheen obsidian and onyx. Aditionally this piece is embellished with gold (24 K - keum boo techniqe, and 22 K, "gold paste" technique). 

Total length of this piece, including the onyx and obsidian "dancing" at the bottom is 6.5 cm. Maximum width is 3.3 cm. This piece is not visually big - please bear in mind the photos are magnification and the size of the details is really impressive. Finished with dark oxidation for a nice contrast with the colorful stones and gold. Comes with a 40 cm chain with 5 cm of additional length regulation.

This piece was inspired by my musings about creativity, how it feels to create and what does it mean. "Bubble theory of creativity" or, alternatively "Creative Fire".

This piece is oxidized and satin finished to showcase all the sculptural details.  Every single detail of this pendant - the face, the ornaments around it - were formed without using any moulds - just simple sculpting and silversmithing tools. It is signed and marked with a year of creation (2023). It comes with a chain (the length is up to the Buyer), packed in a gift box. A certificate of uniqueness is included.
This is was chosen to be published in AMCAW (Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide) calendar for 2024.

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I am really pleased to let you know that my "Bubble theory of creativity" was selected as the cover piece for 2024 calendar from AMCAW.
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